David Dyssegaard Kallick’s Book Chapter Quoted in The City

Jun 6, 2023

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David Dyssegaard Kallick’s book chapter, from the book One Out of Three, was quoted in an article published by The City, discussing the challenges that New York City is facing due to migrants being bussed there from other states. The article highlights historians and economists who do not agree with Mayor Adams take that asylum seekers are a drain on New York City, rather they believe that they are the key to recovering from the pandemic and a benefit to the economy.

The article used a section of Kallick’s book to discuss how immigrants have helped reverse population decline in New York City and helped stimulate economic growth during a time of fiscal crisis:

“As the city’s population recovered, immigrants rose to 36% of the population by 2009 compared with 18% in 1970. They represented 45% of people in the city with jobs, according to economist David Dyssegaard Kallick in the 2013 anthology “One Out of Three.”

‘The increase in the number and proportion of immigrants in the city has fueled economic growth, filled in neighborhoods that had become underpopulated and helped make New York the extraordinarily diverse global city it is today, with immigrants working in a wide range of jobs from the top to the bottom of the economic ladder,’ Kallick wrote.”

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