IRI Featured in Front-Page Newsday Article

Jan 16, 2024

In The News

IRI’s research was featured in a front-page Newsday article titled “Report: Migrants pump millions into LI economy.” The article quotes estimates from IRI’s report, “New Immigrants Arriving to Long Island: Economic Projections” which was co-released with the Ellis Island Initiative. The report highlights wages an taxes paid by newly arriving immigrants.

IRI’s director, David Dyssegaard Kallick, was quoted in the article:

“Are there challenges in the beginning? Sure. But we should have confidence that in the long run, newly arriving immigrants will do the same thing immigrants have always done. The parents will get jobs. Families will learn English. Kids will grow up, and, as they do, they tend to knock the the ball out of the stadium, with second generations doing better than all other groups.”

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