IRI Work on Immigrant Organizing Featured on WBAI

Oct 5, 2022

In The News

Immigration Research Initiative’s Anthony Capote made an appearance this week on “Building Bridges” with Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash to talk about IRI’s ongoing series about how to build worker power for immigrant workers.

Capote was featured along with Mariana Viturro of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Earlier this month, IRI published an article by Capote and IRI director David Kallick in which they spoke with Viturro about the various strategies domestic workers have used to secure better working conditions, wages, and bargaining rights.

On “Building Bridges,” Capote discussed the historic exclusion of domestic workers from collective bargaining rights and various other worker protections like minimum wage and overtime. He also highlighted some key strategies the Domestic Workers Alliance has utilized in their fight to improve the lives of a workforce that is made up primarily of marginalized individuals. More than one-third of domestic workers are immigrants, while 58 percent are people of color and 91 percent are women.

Listen to the full interview on the WBAI archives or visit Immigration Research Initiative’s website to read our series on building worker power in immigrant-dominated industries.

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