Undocumented Workers Need Financial Safety Nets Too

Jan 11, 2023

In The News

Word in Black published an article highlighting the co-authored report by Urban Institute and Immigration Research Initiative that included a survey of individuals to better understand the successes of the Excluded Worker Fund. Findings from this survey are intended to help inform advocacy efforts and future legislation, as New York advocates urge inclusion in the 2023 budget and states and localities across the nation consider implementation of permanent unemployment benefit programs for excluded workers.

IRI’s senior policy analyst, Ash Sutherland, was quoted in the Word in Black article:

“A lot of these individuals did not feel a part of what we do as a country, like voting because they can’t,” Sutherland says. “However, getting this money, they were able to be a part of community organizations, help small business, they really used it to make sure that they were a part of this community and this country moving forward.”

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